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Connections Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Boerne, Texas

Do I need a referral from our doctor?

Some insurances may require a referral for an evaluation, or even authorization to proceed with treatment. Our administrative staff will keep you updated upon checking benefits. For OT/PT services, we must have a prescription on file. 

Do you offer in-home services?

Yes, we offer pediatric therapy services in and out of our private clinic and sensory gym settings,  these outside settings include: preschools, daycares, public and private schools, ABA centers, and in the home setting.

What does insurance cover?

There are a wide variety of policies available for each insurance provider. Some good questions to ask your insurance provider are: 

  • What are my deductible, out-of-pocket, coinsurance and co-pay amounts that apply?

  • Do I have a visit limit for therapy services?

  • If my child has an autism diagnosis, does my plan follow the autism mandate?

  • Do I need a referral or an authorization?

  • Are there any diagnosis exclusions that I should be aware of? 

We also recommend that when you speak to a representative you write down their name, the date you spoke to them, and ask them for a reference number. We do the same when we call. Should there be conflicting information, they have the capability to review the call. 

What does an evaluation look like?

After intake and case history paperwork have been received and reviewed, we will schedule an evaluation. The 60 to 90-minute evaluation will provide comprehensive testing consisting of various age-appropriate activities and standardized assessment. Our full-scale sensory gym and fun treatment rooms can be utilized for a fun and engaging environment that will allow your therapist to observe your child’s activities as well.

What are co-treatments, and how do they benefit my child?

Co-treatment occurs when two therapies are provided at the same time. This would be recommended based on your individual child’s needs and goals, if appropriate for your child. Co-treatment allows the therapists to work together on goals and brainstorm strategies together in the moment that will best serve the client. This does minimize your child’s overall time in treatment, but it maximizes the benefits of treatment and allows us to collaborate in real-time, often leading to better treatment outcomes.

Do you provide bilingual services?

Yes, we have a bilingual Office Administrator and a Speech Language Pathologist on staff. 

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept commercial and private pay insurance. Please contact our office administrator to help walk you through your explanation of benefits.


We wish we had an easy answer for you! It is up to each client to check with their insurance company to determine what, if any, speech and occupational therapy coverages you may be able to receive for this diagnosis. Any reimbursements made by your carrier are at their discretion and your plan and carrier guidelines. Connections will NOT bill your insurance company directly for these services. However, we will provide you with a Superbill for you to do so from home.

My child was dismissed from speech/ occupational/physical therapy at his school. I feel that he still needs treatment, what can I do and why was he dismissed?

Remember that school districts operate under separate guidelines from private practitioners. For a child to receive therapy in the schools it must prove to be “educationally relevant” and must focus on educational goals and objectives. Your child may have been dismissed because they had reached a higher functioning level, and it was no longer “educationally relevant” for them to be seen at school. If you feel that your child still needs Speech/OT/PT services, you have the right to pursue private treatment from a skilled SLP, OT or PT in a private practice setting, such as Connections.

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