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Physical Therapy

Connections Pediatric Therapy Early Intervention Screening in Boerne Texas

Pediatric physical therapy helps your child recover from an injury or surgery, as well as addressing specific issues such as improving their range of motion, endurance, and overall motor skills. Children with mild to severe developmental delays as a result of a Neuro Developmental Dysfunction have the potential to significantly improve functional skills and self-confidence through skilled physical therapy.  Early identification and intervention of delays in development are critical to best possible skill outcomes. If your child struggles with any skills listed above, he or she will benefit from physical therapy.


Intervention may focus on:

  • Simplify motor activities to improve motor learning and coordination of movements

  • Therapeutic exercise by implementing intensive strengthening, conditioning, and stretching programs

  • Implement neuromuscular education Integrating primitive reflexes

  • Gait training

  • Address functional play/movement activities like bike riding and playground skills

  • Evaluate equipment needs Assistive technology

  • Locomotor training

  • Caregiver education and training

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